Wherever I am, the world comes after me.
It offers me its busyness. It does not believe that I do not want it.
Now I understand 
why the old poets of China went so far
and high 
into the mountains, then crept into the pale mist.
"The Old Poets of China" by Mary Oliver


On Wonder

The organizers chose Wonder to serve as an out-of-Zoom communications platform where the audience and/or the panelists can interact. Participation in Wonder is optional, and your use of the site is at your own risk. It is a third-party app that will require access to your microphone and/or camera. Kindly note that the University of the Philippines has no subscription to, and partnership with, Wonder. 
You can turn off your mic and camera while inside Wonder, but should you participate, please block Wonder’s access to your microphone and camera after leaving Wonder. You can do this by going to the security settings of your browser. The UP Asian Center will not be liable for any untoward incidents that may arise from your use of Wonder.  
If you agree to these terms, follow the guide below and click on the link at the bottom  of this page.

Guide to Wonder

1. TURN OFF YOUR AUDIO and VIDEO in ZOOM AND OTHER APPS THAT USE YOUR MICROPHONE (or leave the Zoom and return later) WHILE INSIDE WONDER. At the same time, lower the volume of your computer, and slowly raise it to desired level. This helps prevent any feedback or loud noises if and when you enter Wonder and speak up.
2. Visit the Wonder Room (link below) and type password (to be provided here or via the Zoom chat). By joining, you agree to these terms.
3. Depending on your browser's settings, you may have to allow your browser to access to your microphone and/or camera (microphone access is required). Your browser may prompt these, but you may also see (struck-out) microphone and camera icons on the URL bar (i.e. where you type the website name). These icons are clickable and allow you to give or withhold access to your microphone and/or camera. If you disable your camera, you won't have a photo/image/screenshot  (that's fine).
4. Type your name and click "Next." You may also upload a photo ONLY IF YOU WISH.
5. Follow any prompts for audio and video checks.
6. Answer the question, “What Would You Like to Chat About?” This can help you identify others with similar interests; your name and your answer will be visible if people "hover" the mouse/pointer on your avatar/circle.

Inside Wonder

1. TURN OFF YOUR AUDIO and VIDEO in ZOOM AND OTHER APPS THAT USE YOUR MICROPHONE (Or you may leave altogether and return to the webinar later on).
2. The audience and panelists are free to move around the sessions and/or join the circles or the Rooms. Use your mouse or arrow keys to drag/move around the rooms or to your preferred room, circle, or person. Click and hold to automatically drag the cursor to your preferred location.
3. Four “Rooms” (white faded squares) will be visible on your screen, corresponding to the speaker order in the program. Please move in and out of the rooms as necessary.
  • Panelist/Speaker 1
  • Panelist/Speaker 2
  • Panelist/Speaker 3
  • Just Hanging Out
Speaker 1, 2, 3 correspond to, and are reserved for, the panel that has just concluded. Presenters from previous panels may initiate a separate circle.
3. Once inside a room, you have to enter the circle (the first two participants must combine their circles to create a bigger circle for  others to join in). The panelists may or may not be present in their corresponding room, in which case, the audience is free to discuss the paper amongst themselves (via Chat) or video/audio.

You may send your questions via Chat and the panelist can read them out. Audio is possible depending on the number of participants in the circle.

By joining a circle, you will see the video (if it's on) of the members of that circle. And you may also chat with them either as a circle or privately. In a circle, you have the option to turn on your cameras/mics.

4. To leave a circle, just drag yourself out of the said circle.

5. Please observe courtesy and respect at all times. Kindly do not interrupt ongoing conversations. Wonder is a public room, so please avoid sharing confidential/sensitive information. Everyone is free to approach one another.
6. You can zoom in/out to see the different rooms by click the +/- signs or scrolling your mouse. You can turn off your mic and camera while inside Wonder (Remember, your Zoom audio and video must be off while inside wonder). The controls are found the bottom of the Wonder room.
7. TURN OFF YOUR AUDIO and VIDEO in ZOOM AND OTHER APPS THAT USE YOUR MICROPHONE (Or you may leave Zoom altogether and return to the webinar later on.

After You Leave Wonder: Security Tip

1.  Please block Wonder’s access to your microphone and camera each time after leaving Wonder. You can do this by going to the security settings of your browser.

If you accept these terms, please click on the link below. By clicking, you signify your acceptance and understanding of the foregoing terms. TURN OFF YOUR AUDIO and VIDEO in ZOOM AND OTHER APPS THAT USE YOUR MICROPHONE. Click the link below to join. Please message us in Zoom to get the password. 


Q&A Format

  1. The audience can post—anonymously if they wish—their questions on the Q&A window of the Zoom webinar. They must indicate the speaker to whom they are addressing the question: "Dr. Jones, why do....." This will help everyone keep track.
  2. During the Q&A, the moderator and/or the speakers will choose, read aloud, and answer on air any open question (s). However, the panelists/presenters are also free to type in their answers as soon as their presentations are completed.
  3. Just before the first presentation of a panel ends, all remaining open questions will be dismissed. However, panelists-presenters have the option to reopen and respond to these questions during break time or until just before the first presentation of the next panel ends (see Item # 2). This, we hope, can help ensure that only questions for the current panel's Q&A are visible and thus easier to see/read through.
  4.  Please minimize (extensive) discussions with the audience/panelists via the Zoom Chat window. (Only) if the panelists and/or wish to discuss things further and answer more questions, they can join the Wonder room. If you are taking part in post-panel discussions, the audience are instructed to send their questions via chat, and you can just read out answer the questions. Audio may be possible if there are few participants in the circle. See "Wonder" tab for link and guidelines.

  5. Kindly check back before, and even during the conference to see updates. Major updates will be announced during the conference.


Program and Book of Abstracts uploaded; see Mar 18, 19, 20 tabs (3/18/2021)
Updated Wonder Guide (3/17/2021)
Q&A system and tab, and Wonder tab added (3/16/2021)
New start time for 18 March 2021: 09:00 am (3/11/2021)
New schedule for Day 1, Keynote: 09:15 am–09:45 am (3/11/2021)
Day 1 Keynote: No Q&A session (3/11/2021)


Day 2, Panel 5: The Meaning Behind the Action: Study on Teungku Syik Kuta Karang Hand Writing Living in Colonial Era (3/5/2021)
Day 3, Panel 8: Colonized Blood Covenants: Ritualized Friendship...... (3/19/2021)