Wherever I am, the world comes after me.
It offers me its busyness. It does not believe that I do not want it.
Now I understand 
why the old poets of China went so far
and high 
into the mountains, then crept into the pale mist.
"The Old Poets of China" by Mary Oliver

Each course is equivalent to three units unless otherwise indicated. To know which courses are required for the MA programs, please visit the Program of Study tab in the Student Corner or the Coursework tab here.
  • All Asian Studies (AS) majors are required to take these courses before moving to their majors.
    AS 201: Asia in Antiquity
    An introductory survey course about the civilizations of Asia from prehistory until immediately prior to Western expansionism and/or colonization, from the 16th century onwards

    AS 201A: Modern Asia
    A broad multidisciplinary examination of the coming of Western colonialism/imperialism to Asia, decolonization and the rise of nation-states. 

    AS 210: Theories and Perspectives on Area Studies
    Overview of theoretical concepts complementing & enriching the study of societies, cultures & institutions of Asian countries & regions. Prereq: AS 201, AS 201A.

    AS 299: Research Methods
    Research methods
  • AS 230 Seminar on Northeast Asia

    Studies on the region in general.

    AS 234 Special Problems: Northeast Asia

    Focused thematic approaches to the study of NEA countries. Prereq: AS 230. 3u., may be taken twice.

    Country-Specific Courses



    AS 220 Modern Chinese Texts
    Selections from contemporary writing with emphasis on the social  sciences. Reading knowledge of Mandarin presupposed. 
    AS 235.1
    Social & Economic Development in China
    AS 235.2
    Politics & Governance in China
    AS 235.3
    Culture & Society in China


    AS 221 Modern Japanese Texts
    Selections from contemporary writing with emphasis on the social sciences. Reading knowledge of Japanese presupposed. 
    AS 236.1
    Social & Economic Development in Japan
    AS 236.2
    Politics & Governance in Japan
    AS 236.3
    Culture & Society in Japan


    AS 237.1
    Social & Economic Development in Korea
    AS 237.2
    Politics & Governance in Korea
    AS 237.3
    Culture & Society in Korea
  • AS 241 Modern Indonesian Texts

    Selections from contemporary writing with emphasis on the social sciences. Reading knowledge of Malay presupposed. 

    AS 250 Seminar on Southeast Asia

    A regional survey of the origins, development, & formation of Southeast Asian states & societies; their cultural, trade, & political linkages prior to Western colonialism; & their subsequent responses to external contact & influences.

    AS 252 Readings on Southeast Asia I

    Thematically-organized readings on the countries of mainland Southeast Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia).

    AS 253 Readings on Southeast Asia II

    Thematically-organized readings on the countries of insular Southeast Asia (Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Timor Leste).

    AS 254 Special Problems: Southeast Asia

    Varies per semester and depends on the teacher. Usually focuses on a specific theme or topic.

    AS 255.1 Social & Economic Development in Southeast Asia

    Seminar course examining contemporary issues in the social & economic development of Southeast Asia. 3u.

    AS 255.2 Politics & Governance in Southeast Asia

    Seminar course examining contemporary issues in politics & governance in Southeast Asia.

    AS 255.3 Culture & Society in Southeast Asia

    Seminar course examining the foundations & socio-cultural characteristics of selected Southeast Asian communities, & the role that culture plays in defining contemporary society. 3u.

    AS 256 International Relations of Southeast Asia & ASEAN

    Seminar course examining the historical, ideological, cultural, economic, & political foundations of international relations in Southeast Asia. The course also explores contemporary issues & problems in the external linkages of Southeast Asia & ASEAN & how these may have an impact on the Philippines. 3u.


    AS 260 Seminar on South Asia I

    Studies on the region in general. 

    AS 261 Seminar on South Asia II

    AS 262 Readings on South Asia I

    AS 263 Readings on South Asia II

    AS 264 Special Problems: South Asia

  • AS 280 Seminar on West Asia I

    Studies on the region in general

    AS 281 Seminar on West Asia II

    Studies on particular countries in the region. Special sections focusing on single countries may be organized & marked from A to Z.

    AS 282 Readings on West Asia I

    AS 283 Readings on West Asia II

    AS 284 Special Problems: West Asia

  • AS 202 The East-West Encounter

    Imperialism, neo-colonialism, intellectual and cultural developments.

    AS 203 Nationalism & National Development

    The connection of the rise of nationalism with the broader social, political, and economic process of modernization in Asia, using case studies, quantitative data, & research methods from various social sciences. 

    AS 204 Agrarian Development & Peasantry in Asia

    The political & economic role of peasants & the rural population in general, the nature of traditional agrarian society; the impact of modernization, rural-urban relations, & different forms of organization in rural society.

    AS 205 Industrialization & Urban Development in Asia

    Social, economic, & political implications of rapid industrialization & contemporary urbanization in selected Asian countries.

    AS 206 Philosophies & Religions of Asia

    Development & functions of philosophies & religions in Asian societies. 

    AS 207 Arts of Asia

    Development & functions of the arts in Asian societies. 

    AS 208 Socialism & Capitalism in Asia

    Review & critical analysis of various types of socialistic & capitalistic theories & the manner of their implementation in Asia. 

    AS 211 Security Issues in the Asia Pacific

    Seminar on contemporary problems in the security of the countries and peoples of the Asia Pacific since the end of the Cold War.

    AS 212 Regionalism and Community Building in Asia

    Study of the growing trend towards higher forms of association surpassing nation-state boundaries, affecting both state and non-state actors. 

    AS 298 Special Problems in Asian Studies

    Focused thematic approaches to the multidisciplinary field of Asian Studies. Prereq: AS 201, 201 – A. 3u., may be taken twice.