Wherever I am, the world comes after me.
It offers me its busyness. It does not believe that I do not want it.
Now I understand 
why the old poets of China went so far
and high 
into the mountains, then crept into the pale mist.
"The Old Poets of China" by Mary Oliver

Starting this Second Semester AY 2023-2024, the UP Asian Center will start implementing Phase 2 of the curriculum revisions for its Asian Studies and Philippine Studies programs. Learn about the new and improved courses! Click on the button below.


The regular registration period is from 31 January to 2 February 2024. Classes will start on 6 February 2024. For more information about the enrollment process, click here.
To view the BOR Approved Academic Calendar, click here.


The UP Asian Center is implementing the revised curricula for its Asian Studies and Philippine Studies programs to newly admitted Asian Center students of Second Semester, AY 2023-2024. Incoming students in the Second Semester AY 2023-2024 will follow the new curricula while old students can also take the new or revised courses as may be appropriate for their program of study.
During this transition to the revised curricula, AC students admitted during the 1st Semester, AY 2023-2024 will follow the Phase 1 of the curriculum changes (refer to "Here are the guidelines for the 1st Semester, AY 2023-2024!") and those admitted before AY 2023-2024 will follow the old curriculum.
AC Students Batch
Curriculum Revision Phase
Students Admitted BEFORE AY 2023-2024
Old Curriculum
Students Admitted First Semester, AY 2023-2024
Phase 1 of Curriculum Revision
Students Admitted Second Semester, AY 2023-2024
Phase 2 of Curriculum Revision


The UP Asian Center will continue to hold classes with a partly-online and partly-onsite arrangement for the Second Semester, AY 2023—2024. The number of face-to-face and online sessions for each class will depend on the pedagogical preference of the instructor and in consideration of students’ circumstances. Classes may be conducted following any of the instruction modes/formats below.
    A.   Scheduled face-to-face classes; mostly online sessions;
    B.   Full face-to-face classes;
    C.   Combination of face-to-face, online, and asynchronous sessions; and
    D.   Fully online
To view the courses and their modalities offered for the second semester, AY 2023-2024, please click the button above.
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The Asian Center, University of the Philippines Diliman offers M.A. degrees in Asian Studies with four fields of specialization: Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and West Asia. The UP Asian Center also has an M.A. program in Philippine Studies that allows students to major in Philippine society and culture, Philippine foreign relations, or Philippine development studies. It also offers a Ph.D. program in Philippine Studies in conjunction with the College of Arts and Letters and the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy. For an overview of these graduate programs, click here. As an area studies institution, the Asian Center also publishes Asian Studies: Journal of Critical Perspectives on Asia, the latest issue of which can be downloaded at the journal's website. For other news and upcoming events at the Asian Center, click here.